MoviePass makes a comeback

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MoviePass has returned after being temporarily shut down in July. MoviePass is a service that promised to let members see as many movies as they wanted for a flat monthly fee. The problem is that movie theater chains said MoviePass never approached them about this service and refused to honor its offerings. Today, MoviePass has gone legit with the help of Hollywood Movie Money.

Hollywood Movie Money will allow more than 36,000 theaters in its network to accept vouchers that will be printed off by MoviePass customers. MoviePass will pay theaters the full price for each ticket sold. Theaters can potentially make more money on concessions if additional movie goers start showing up based on their association with MoviePass.

MoviePass will be rolling out across the United States in private beta form. Members will be able to invite others into the service too. A specific price for membership is not set because MoviePass will determine prices based on the movie ticket prices in each area MoviePass is available.

Other potential benefits to being a MoviePass member is a mobile application of sorts that will be available in early 2012, access to special screenings and premieres and contests.

Via [MoviePass Blog]

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