Dolphin Browser becomes available for the iPhone

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Dolphin Browser for iPhone

When I got both my Android tablet and smartphone, the first thing I did was to download a new mobile web browser since I don’t really like the default browser that came pre-installed. I’ve searched for the best browser for my needs and ended up using Dolphin Browser. I never used the default Android browser since then. How I also wished back then that the browser will be available for the iPhone since as well all know, the Safari mobile web browser can be limiting at times. Well, guess what? Dolphin Browser was just released on the App Store and is compatible not only with the iPhone but with other iOS devices as well.

So, what makes Dolphin Browser stand-out from the rest of mobile web browsers? – smart browsing. According to the app’s description, the app is the most intelligent mobile web browser available to date. I won’t tell you that the description is right and will reserve it for you to discover whether this claim is true or not.

Some of the key features of Dolphin Browser for iPhone include – gesture-mode, webzine, tabbed browsing, sidebar, speed dial, smart address bar, bookmark folder and desktop mode. Among those features, what really stands out is webzine and gesture mode. Gesture mode simplify your browsing navigation while webzine is a cool format of presenting sites you frequently browse via a, well – webzine format.

Via [Dolphin Browser iTunes Link]

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