Accessory maker showcases outer shell for new iPhone

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iPhone shells

Ready for another round of iPhone speculation? Today’s news comes from a site called Ideal-Case. As its name suggests, Ideal-Case creates cases for phones, tablets, iPods, Macbooks and other products. As part of the site’s new newsletter, a few images marked “confidential” were published that show the outer casing for what may be the next iPhone.

I want to stress that even though the pictures are set up to appear the be work of a super sleuth and sent out to special members, the same pictures are on the homepage of Ideal-Case’s site as well. An attempt to drum up business perhaps? Maybe.

Anyway, the pictures show three iPhone cases labled, 4G, 5G or 4GS and CDMA. The only really noticeable difference between the three is the location of the sim card slot. It’s in the same place on the 4GS model as the 4G model.

From other angles, the shells look the same in terms of height and width. If these pictures are accurate, the next iPhone may not have a large cosmetic difference over previous models.

This isn’t the last iPhone rumor we’ll hear that’s for sure. We should know something official by October.

Via [Ideal-Case]

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