Google brings Offline mode back to Gmail, Docs, and Calendar

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Offline Gmail

Earlier this year Google got rid of offline access for it’s services when it ditched Google Gears in favor of full HTML5 web app. Today Google announced that offline access will finally be returning to some web apps.

Those three web apps are Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar. For Calendar and Docs, switching to offline mode it fairly simple. All you have to do is click the gear in the top right corner of the screen and enable offline access to the web apps. From there you’ll be able to access them from that computer whether you have web access or not. For Gmail, however, the process is a bit different. Unlike Docs and Calendar which have the same interface online and off, Gmail requires a different interface for offline access.

To get offline access to Gmail you have to install the web app from the Chrome Web Store here. Then you get access to the interface which is based off the tablet UI for Gmail. You can use the web app both online and off, should you prefer it. If you ever find yourself out of web access, just click on the web app on the Chrome new tab page, and you can read your Gmail Unfortunately, this means that those who don’t use Chrome are out of luck at the moment. Hopefully the feature will be enabled for more browsers later on. It’s sad for all those Firefox users out there who want offline Gmail but for some reason can’t switch over to using Chrome.

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