Instagram CEO says Android is “a major priority”

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Instagram For months iOS users have had fun taking photos and running them through filters on Instagram. It’s a great social network for sharing photos, though so far it’s only been available to those on iOS. Android users don’t have to be too jealous, though, as it will come to their platform of choice soon.

In an interview with The Guardian Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said that Android is “a huge priority” for the company. The team wants to bring Instagram to Android, but so far the team has only six members. So the company is hiring engineers and designers so it can offer the network on another platform. Sounds like so far there’ nobody at the company that’s working on Android, so they need some help first.

With any luck Instagram will soon be able to hire the engineers and designers it needs to launch on Android. It would make Android more of an option for many iOS users. It would also mean the company could see more than the current millions of users. For those who use Instagram, like myself, it would mean that it could be a bit more interesting because all their friends on Android can join in, making it a much more useful service. Or it could just mean we’ll see more pictures of craft beer from different smartphones, either way.

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