Samsung has a new iPod touch competitor in the Galaxy S Wi-Fi 3.6

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Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 3.6

Samsung has a new answer to Apple’s iPod touch: and Android smartphone with a phone. The Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 3.6 finally gives Android a somewhat viable answer to the iPod touch.

Just as the iPod touch gets full access to the iOS App Store, the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 3.6 will get full access to the Android Market. It runs Android 2.3 so just about every app that doesn’t require a 3G connection will work on it. Also like the iPod touch, the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 3.6 will be able to make calls, just not over a cell network. Instead you have to rely on apps such as Google Talk or Skype to make phone calls with either the built in speaker or the front-facing camera on the device.

As you’d expect with a name like “Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 3.6″ the device will have a 3.6-inch screen. However, the screen will only be HVGA, meaning it’ll have a resolution of 360×480. Not really close to the 960×720 resolution on the current iPod touch, but it’s something. It’s powered by a 1 GHz CPU, and will come with either 8GB or 16GB storage options. So far it’s only announced for the Uk, where it will be out in October in both black and white.

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  • Mclure

    Yes, It will compete against the iPod touch, like the Palm, Droid, Windows 7, Galaxy, HTC killed the iPhone. Or like the Playbook (RIM) , the Touchpad (HP) and the Acer competed against the iPad. Or the Zune killed the iPod…..
    Why don't you reporters wait for a product to "Actually" dent into Apple's markets before declaring "competitors"??
    Those "Me too" are competitors to other cloners, not to apple.
    BTW, Android has not dent into apple's market, since ANDROID IS NOT A PHONE, is a OS, and there is no single phone maker selling more phones than apple.
    I would like to see a company making a better phone or tablet, but please have some dignity and wait until it actually happens.