Gadgetell Review Keyport Slide; a keychain that keeps my keys (& other goodies) without the bulk

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Gadgetell Hands On Keyport Slide

What is being reviewed?

Up for review today is the Keyport Slide, which comes with the description of being the “ultimate keychain alternative.” That being said, while your agreement of being the ultimate may vary a little bit — we have to say this, the Keyport Slide is a rather nice little gadget.

Disclaimer: The Keyport Slide was provided to Gadgetell for the purpose of this review.

The specs

While maybe not specs in the traditional sense of a gadget blog, the Keyport Slide is a “keychain alternative” that comes weighing in at about 2 ounces fully loaded. And by fully loaded, we mean that all six slots are filled. The unit measures in at 2.875 x 1.210 x .580 inches. The interior core is made of Lexan Polycarbonate and the exterior skin has a Stainless Steel with DLC or PVD Finish. The nodes are made of Stainless Steel. In terms of being fully loaded, there are several options available and in the end, you will have the option as to what your Keyport Slide comes equipped with. The Keyport Slide has 6 slots which can be mixed and matched with goodies such as they obvious — keys, as well as an LED light, bottle opener or 4GB, 8GB or 16GB flash drive. The Keyport Slide is also available in a variety of colors to include Silver, Gunmetal, Black, Gold, Copper, Azure, Abyss and more.

My thoughts

A little confession here, we were super stoked when the folks from Keyport contacted us because this is a gadget we had been checking out in the past. And that being said, this allowed us to see, use and experience the Keyport Slide without having to shell out much money (more on that in a bit). Also, nicely done, the folks at Keyport provided us with a coupon code to use towards a ‘purchase’ so we could experience this as a customer would.

Starting from the website, the process was rather simple and smooth. Though you do have to pay attention and follow some directions. The little gadgets such as the light and bottle opener are easy enough to add-on, but the keys do require some effort to make sure you have the correct ones. The purchase process is wrapped up by you having to print out two pages to which you layout and then photograph your keys (this is so Keyport can verify and send you the correct blanks). The process is simple and well documented. Then after your keys are verified your order will be processed and shipped. All said and done, it took a few days from purchase to actually receiving the unit, however we would rather wait a day or two and know we are getting the correct items.

Upon receipt, you are given the package along with the blanks and gadgets for assembly. The assembly process took a few minutes, but again, similar to the ordering process — it was easy enough to do and well documented. And then using the Keyport is wonderful, gone are the days of a mess in your pocket or bag — its just one unit that contains up to 6 (in our case, 5) items in one. In fact, the only part that was an issue was getting the car key made on our end — that took some time to find a location and some time to come to terms with the price. But that being said, that is not the fault of Keyport and comes because of the type of car key that VW’s use.

Otherwise, it is a fun little gadget to have, not only is it useful but also fun to pull out in public because everyone seems to want one. Granted, we are unsure how many of our friends will actually be committed enough to make a purchase, but we can say that the Keyport does seem well liked and popular. In fact, getting the house key cut at Ace hardware took several minutes, but not because of the key cutting time, but because the employees all wanted to get a good look at what we had.

The pricing

This is the one that gets me, don’t get me wrong — the Keyport Slide is an awesome product and is of high-quality. But that being said, as with most things in life — you get what you pay for. And yes, that means that the Keyport Slide is not necessarily inexpensive. But again, your price will vary upon your personal needs and how you deck it out.

The base price of the Keyport Slide is $39, which includes the unit itself along with a small lanyard and the “node set.” And for those wondering, the node set is the small little colored circles that allow you to push-out and retract your keys. Otherwise, the bottle opener is $5.99, the LED light is $9.99 and the flash drives are $18.99, $28.99 and $34.99 for the 4GB, 8GB and 16GB storage capacities. As for the keys, the standard blades are priced at $4.99 each. In terms of the car keys, this will vary from person to person but here is how it went down for us. The car is a 2007 VW Jetta, which is a key that requires a chip. The chip and the blade cost $25 and would require programming and cutting on our end — another $110 by way of our local VW dealer. That being said, while having to pay an extra $110 on top of what the Keyport Slide costs, there are some alternative options such as sending in one of your keys to have it converted for use in the Keyport.

So with that, our unit as received cost $134.89 with shipping and handling — and that was broken down into the Keyport Slide with one house key, a bottle opener, LED light, 8GB flash drive and the car key (note chipped keys require two slots). So $134.89 for the gadget and then another $110 to cut and program the key for the Jetta, which brought us up just under $250. Of course, we should point out again that this was provided to us for review. In other words, the unit was sent for free, though we did pay to have the keys made. And last comment here, the house key was cut at our local Ace Hardware for a nice even $1.00.

The bottom line

The Keyport Slide is a wonderful gadget for so many reasons, with perhaps the most important being that it gets a mess of keys and trinkets into one nice little package. Otherwise, the unit (along with the goodies that come along with) are nicely made and give us no real concern that we are going to break or damage them. And lastly, the Keyport Slide is a fun little gadget to have because everyone seems to like (and want) one. Everytime we pulled ours out it usually ended in a group of people looking over our shoulders asking questions. In the end, while not the cheapest way to get a car and house key — this is one item that we would buy on our own.

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