Woot offers $100 back on TouchPads, pray they don’t alter the deal any further

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Woot TouchPad refund email

Back in the beginning of August Woot offered a discount on the HP TouchPad, which ended up not selling too well. Soon after HP decided to kill the TouchPad, leaving those who bought the tablet a bit burned. As Woot put it, it left the deal site feeling a bit like Lando Calrissian after Lord Vader altered his deal.

To rectify the altered deal Woot is offering help to those TouchPad buyers (you can read the full text in the image above, which came from SlashGear). Those few who bought the tablet have the option to receive a $100 partial refund for their TouchPad. So, if they like the tablet they can rest easy knowing they didn’t pay much more than everybody else who had to scramble to get theirs. Or, if the TouchPad owners are too put off by the altered deal they can send it back for a full refund. So if you aren’t using the TouchPad you received, or you just fear HP will eventually just stop supporting WebOS you can send it back as a way to make everyone else jealous.

Woot also offers an option to follow Lando’s lead and exact revenge on the evil empire that spurned you. That path isn’t recommended, and won’t get you a refund of any sort, but it could make for an interesting story. Just make sure you don’t change the story too much as the years go on, I hear people don’t really like that.

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