Amazon Tablet: Coming in November with a 7″ display, $250 price tag and non-Google Android

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Some of the details for the much anticipated Amazon Kindle Tablet have been revealed, though, while it is said to be running Android, it does not sound like the Android experience that many have become used to seeing. That said, the reports are coming by way of TechCrunch who were able to spend some hands on time with the device, with the promise that they could share the details but not take any pictures. That being said, it was described as looking like the BlackBerry Playbook. Otherwise, the Kindle tablet will be a 7 inch device with a capacitive touchscreen and it will arrive priced at $250. The expected release timeframe is November.

And touching on the Android for a moment, it is Android, but the interface was described as being “all Amazon and Kindle” and being “black, dark blue, and a bunch of orange.” The Kindle tablet will have access to the Amazon App Store and they are apparently not working with Google “at all.” Some other specs include what was believed to be a single-core processor as well as 6GB of internal storage and possibly some external storage. The initial run will have the Kindle tablet in a Wi-Fi only form with a possible 3G version to follow.

Getting back to the looking like the PlayBook, the Kindle Tablet was described as having a rubbery back and a power button that is located in an odd place. And lastly, it also looks like the Kindle Tablet will have an Amazon Prime tie-in and those who purchase the tablet will get a free subscription to the normally $79 per year service. All said and done, it sounds interesting so far, but we are going to reserve our final opinions for when the device is officially announced.

Via [TechCrunch]

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