Reserve your iPhone 5 with Deutsche Telekom

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Deutsche Telekom

We all know that Apple is prepping up the iPhone 5, right? In fact, this issue has been well covered that the only thing that remains to be settled is the exact day that Apple is releasing it. Not to mention an official announcement. Until today, Apple has been keeping quiet on when the exact day that we’re going to see the iPhone 5 come out in the open. But this won’t stop some carriers from beginning to accept pre-orders for the iPhone 5. Take for example Deutsche Telekom which was reported to have began offering its customers the ability to preorder the iPhone 5. Bloomberg is reporting that they have confirmed this from a Deutsche Telekom spokeman. Even without any release details, DT has started giving out coupons to those who want to get first dibs on the iPhone 5 when it is finally released. If you’re in Germany and you want to get the thrill of preordering the iPhone 5 prior to any release announcement, you better check out DT’s brick and more store to get one of those so called “premiere tickets” that will earn you the right to get the iPhone 5 as soon as it becomes available in the carrier. As to when that will happen, I have a strong feeling that it will happen sometime in October.

Via [Apple Insider]

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