Shields Up!: No, Seriously! You Can’t See Who Is Stalking You On Facebook!

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Facebook It never fails. Every few weeks my newsfeed is inundated with posts like this: “OMG! See who is stalking your Facebook profile! It really works!”. No matter how many warnings there are, plenty of people ignore them completely and click away. It’s a scam. Trust me. Click on it and all you’ll do is spam everyone on your friends list with posts like the one you clicked on, and you’ll get sent to a scam site. It’s possible you’ll get infected with malware but it’s more likely you’ll be told to fill out some surveys before you can go any further. If you do, you’ve just made a scammer some money. The whole point of these scams is affiliate fraud. Scammers want to trick as many people as possible into taking the surveys because they get paid an affiliate fee for each one, so please don’t click on such posts. Facebook does not give any app developers access to information about who visits whose profile and there is no other way to get it. Seriously.

Oh and by the way, there is no girl with a spider under her skin, no girl who committed suicide when her father walked in on her, etc. They’re all scams too!

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