Vizio pushes out software update for the Vizio Tablet

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We haven’t heard too much about Vizio’s tablet since it was released in August. This $300 budget tablet was a breath of fresh air from the $500+ offerings that so many other companies were putting out. If you have the Vizio Tablet, you’re going to be getting an update that will boost the performance of the device.

One part of the update is dedicated to improving the speed of the tablet’s user interface. Vizio says scrolling and menu navigation will be faster. The update will also improve the graphics and rendering speed of games that are played on the tablet. Best of all, these enhancements will be accompanied by better battery life.

The second part of the update increases the number of devices that are compatible with the Vizio Universal Remote Control App. Vizio says 95 percent of consumer electronic devices in North America can be controlled with this app.

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