Gadgetell review: $19 AT&T Android Pantech Crossover

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Meet the Pantech Crossover, designed as an entry level smartphone for the younger generation. The Crossover runs Android and is a full-fledged smartphone. I’ve been using the smartphone for a week and have come up with some surprising results that I’ll share with you.


The Crossover has a rather clever design with flattened corners and surprisingly useful buttons on these corners. I found myself becoming more fond of these buttons, power/screen lock key, and a Function key, by weeks end. The phone looks rugged and indeed my drops didn’t seem to affect the phone though Pantech does not have any claims about any toughness standards.

The slide-out keyboard was roomy – there’s a lot of real estate here. You’ve got four rows of keys, a big honking spacebar and a D-pad if using the touchscreen isn’t attractive. And that brings us to the thing I had the most issue with: the touchscreen.

Make no mistake, the touchscreen performed beautifully. The swiping was accurate, maybe even a bit better than other Android phones I’ve played with recently. But it’s on the small size, 3.1″ to be exact, and you feel the size limitation. I was left wanting more screen but then, I am used to a larger screen; if I came from say a traditional non-smartphone, it probably wouldn’t have been a real issue with me – and that’s who Pantech had in mind in bringing the Crossover to market.


The Crossover runs Android 2.2, can download apps from Google App Market and has an accelerometer and proximity sensor – it’s a real smartphone. Thankfully Pantech didn’t change Android a lot which is a good thing. You’ll find Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth with A2DP support for streaming music, all the major smartphone standards are here. There’s even the option to create a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 5 users for $20 per month.

Should you get it?

Here’s where things get interesting. The Pantech Crossover launched at just $69, less than half of many Android devices. Now, the price has dropped to just $19 at AT&T.

Everyone I showed the phone to thought it’s a decent phone. The screen size limits how much previous smartphone owners like it but no one denies it’s decent. If the buy-in price is an issue, the Crossover is a pretty sweet package for just $19. If you can spring for the $199 price, a bigger screen will make a difference.

As I’ve said, Pantech was looking to hook first-time smartphone buyers and those buyers can trust the Crossover – it’s the real deal.

Product Page: [AT&T]

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