Cricket’s Muve Music streaming service comes to Android by way of Samsung Vitality

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Muve Music on Samsung Vitality Cricket Communications has just announced that its new music service, Muve Music will be available on the Samsung Vitality Android phone. With that, the Samsung Vitality becomes Cricket’s first Muve Music enabled smartphone. In case you’re interested to know, the Samsung Vitality is an Android 2.3 Gingerbread-powered smartphone featuring an 800MHz processor. It will be preloaded with a special Muve Music 4GB SanDisk flash memory card. That’s about enough to hold around 3,000 songs with 1GB left to give room for other multimedia content that you may want to load up into the phone. If the 4GB memory card is not enough for your music collection, you can purchase the 8GB Muve Music memory card instead. This will give storage capacity big enough to accomodate up to 6,000 songs which you can download from the Muve Music service.

Cricket is set to make the Muve Music service available next week. You can opt to get the Cricket Muve Music wireless unlimited plan for $65 per month on the Samsung Vitality or the feature phone, Samsung Suede. You can grab the Samsung Vitality for $219.99 minus a $20 instant rebate. The Samsung Suede on the other hand will set you back for $199.99. For the $65 dollar service fee, you’ll enjoy unlimited song downloads, ringtones and ringback tones. In addition, the plan comes with unlimited nationwide calling, text, picture and video messaging, 3G mobile data, mobile video, data back-up and 411 assistance.

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