Twitter users won’t have to follow a brand to see a Promoted Tweet

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Twitter currently displays Promoted Tweets on its website when you log in. Promoted Tweets are paid Tweets that brands create to attract more followers to its products or services. If you don’t follow a brand that has a Promoted Tweet, you’ll never see it. However, Twitter is changing that by showing users Promoted Tweets from brands that they don’t follow at all.

This change was revealed today by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. The types of Promoted Tweets you’ll get will depend on the types of Twitter accounts you currently follow. That way, someone like me who is interested in tech won’t get Promoted Tweets about the latest trends in vegan recipies.

From what we understand, Promoted Tweets will remain on the main Twitter site and not applications. However, Twitter is interested in sharing money that is generated by ads with third-party developers that put Promoted Tweets in their own applications.

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