T-Mobile smartphones can use the web with no data plan

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Smozzy As the public continues to make the leap from regular mobile phones to smartphones, carriers are making sure they are getting data fees from as many customers as possible. In T-Mobile’s case, there is a way around using data to access the web. There is a new app in the Android Market called Smozzy that handles web browsing though text messages.

The execution of Smozzy is really clever. After entering a web address into the browser, Smozzy sends the request to its servers as a text message. Smozzy’s servers then gets all the information on that web page, turns it into an image file, and sends it back to you via text message. Normal text messaging applications can’t understand the file, but Smozzy can.

Smozzy is currently in beta and only works for T-Mobile phones. You should also have an unlimited text messaging plan if you plan on using this.

Download Link [Smozzy] Read [TechCrunch]

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