Windows 8 can run on an old netbook

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Windows 8 UI

Microsoft showed Windows 8 to developers today at its BUILD conference. Windows 8 is a dramatic change from what we’re used to seeing with the operating system. Microsoft is taking advantage of the soaring popularity of mobile and web applications and touch interfaces in Windows 8. You may be wondering what kind of hardware you will need in order to run Windows 8. While Steven Sinofsky, the president of Microsoft’s Windows division, didn’t come out and say every somewhat modern PC can run Windows 8, he did give that impression.

Sinofsky pulled out a three-year-old Lenovo netbook and revealed that it was running on Windows 8. The netbook was described as one of the first generation netbooks that Lenovo released. It only had 1GB of RAM and was running on an old Atom CPU. Even with those low specifications, Windows 8 was shown to be consuming only 281MB of memory.

Chances are the Windows 8 experience won’t be identical on an old netbook compared to a high-powered desktop, but the small resources needed to run Windows 8 is comforting.

Sinofsky also said everything on Windows 7 will run on Windows 8. Even if you have a Windows 7 netbook, you may not have to get new hardware to enjoy Windows 8.


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