Facebook responds to Circles with Smart Lists

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Facebook Smart Lists

It looks like some people at Facebook are at least a little concerned with Google+, or at least Google+’s Circles feature. Today Facebook announced it’s own version of Circles called Smart Lists.

Facebook’s Smart Lists are a bit different from Circles in that the first few Smart Lists will be auto-populated. Those first few lists are: School, Work, Family, and City. To populate those lists Facebook will what your relation to your friends is, so those who went to the same college as you will be put in the School list. Of course Facebook could make a few mistakes, so you can change those lists manually so your boss who want to the same college as you decades before doesn’t end up in your School list. Or you can put your boss in a Restricted list so they’ll only see your public posts.

This definitely seems like a shot at Google+’s Circles, though it’s strange that they’re called lists. Mark Zuckerberg has said in the past that users don’t want to create lists, which is probably why the first few lists populate themselves, making it easier on uses. There might not be much use beyond that, however. Sure, it’ll be easier for some to share information with who they want to share it with, but there were also groups for that use. Facebook and Google+ serve different purposes, so it doesn’t make sense for Facebook to copy too many Google+ features, nor the other way around. Facebook is best used for your real friends, and Google+ seems to be like something between that and a full-on blog platform.

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