Verizon will unleash cheaper pre-paid plans soon

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Back in April Verizon launched it’s Unleashed pre-paid service in a small selection of markets, and this week it will be available to everyone nationwide. The Unleashed plan will offer unlimited talk, text, and web for $50 each month.

The Unleashed plan is similar to other plans offered by MetroPCS and Sprint’s Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile. It’ll be around the same price, but will offer the full coverage of Verizon’s network. The plan will be offered at Verizon stores, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy so it should be relatively easy to find should you want the plan. Verizon’s previous pre-paid plan with data cost $99.95, so this would be quite a big improvement to the plans. It’s still more expensive than Boost Mobile after the “monthly shrinkage” perk and the MetroPCS plan with only 3G, but at least it’s a bit less expensive than AT&T’s $55 plan. Plus the phones will be more reliable than AT&T’s.

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