Green Bank, a West Virginia town that was has become a safe-place for “Wi-Fi refugees”

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Sure, there are probably plenty of stories that we could use to poke fun at the town of Green Bank West Virginia, however on some level we are finding ourselves drawn to it. The reasoning here, Green Bank, which is a West Virginia town is part of a US Radio Quite Zone where wireless signals are banned in some 13,000 square miles. According to the details coming from the BBC, a big portion of this area is owned by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and others are operated by the US military. That being said, we can understand the need to kill Wi-Fi and reduce some of the noise that may affect the signal watching. But on the flip side, the town is also becoming a safe place of sorts for those who are affected by wireless signals. Sure, some of the stories sound a bit strange such as how one person noted they can live there and be a “normal person” who can go outdoors and not “stay hidden in a Faraday cage.” Another, also user of a cage noted that they were happy they can go to church and attend celebrations and be with people — because they could not to that from their cage. As for us, it sounds like a great place to take a vacation. Well, probably more accurately, a place where you could take a vacation and honestly put down the phone and constant connection to the online world that we live in. With that, hit the link below to check out the full BBC article…

Via [BBC News] and [Gizmodo] and [BoingBoing]

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