Facebook launches a Subscribe for those who aren’t your friends

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Facebook Subscribe button

Yesterday Facebook brought out Smart Lists to combat Google+, and today the social network has a new feature to take on both Google+ and Twitter. Facebook has launched a new Subscriber feature so you can get updates from people who might not be your friends.

Before the Subscribe button the only way to get status updates from people was to add them as a friend, or Like their fan page if they had one. Now all you need to do is subscribe to their profile to see their updates. You don’t have to see all of their updates, the button gives you a choice on how many posts you see from each person your subscribe to, and what type of posts you see. As the person who enables subscribers you have a few options as well. You can choose to let everyone or just friends of friends subscribe to your updates, and you can choose to let subscribers comment on your posts. In a nice move by Facebook, you have to enable the Subscribe button, so not everyone will have the button.

The Subscribe button isn’t for everyone, and is probably best used by those who have some sort of public persona. If you already have a Twitter of Google+ account (or both), this might be a good idea. It could also replace the need for fan pages for individuals. Sure, you’ll need to make your more personal updates non-public, but that seems like a small price to pay for Subscriptions.

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