YouTube introduces new video editing features

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YouTube video editor

On Wednesday, YouTube started to roll out new video editing features. Videos that have been previously uploaded to YouTube (with some exceptions) are now capable of being edited to a greater degree than they were before. Instead of just adding annotations, subtitles and other similar text-based things, YouTube users can now tweak their video’s color intensity, stabilize shaky footage, trim videos and add complete visual effects.

By now, you should see the new “Edit video” tab when you view your uploaded videos. I noticed on my account that the new video editing features did not appear until I disabled YouTube Cosmic Panda. You may run into that same issue if you’re using Cosmic Panda.

When editing a video, YouTube will show your video in two windows. The original will be on the left and the edited video will be on the right. They both play at the same time so you can easily compare the edits you make. In addition to the changes I mentioned above, YouTube also has a “I’m Feeling Lucky” option that automatically tweaks the color of the video to what YouTube feels is optimal. You also don’t have to overwrite your original video with the changes if you select “Save as” once you’re done.

There are some exceptions to using the new video editor. Videos that have gotten over 1,000 views can’t be entirely overwritten with edits. You’ll have to choose the “Save as” option instead. Also, videos with a CYC claim (copyright) can’t be overwritten. A new version of the video with the new edits will have to be created.

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