Skype for Mac 5.4 beta brings Facebook, ads

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Skype for Mac OS X Beta

Skype for Mac is finally getting some features that Windows users have had for weeks, though not all of them will be welcome. Skype today released Skype for Mac 5.4 Beta which will finally bring Facebook to the Mac app, though ads are coming along as well.

The Skype for Mac 5.4 bBeta lets users connect their Skype account to Facebook, giving you easy access to all your friends’ phone numbers. The integration also lets you see you contacts’ Facebook updates, or just your Facebook news feed as a whole (complete with the ability to Like things). It will also let your IM with your Facebook friends, though I haven’t been able to get that to work in my limited time with the beta so far.

The not-so-welcome addition comes in the form of ads. If you use Skype for free you will now see ads when you’re in Skype Home. It’s just a banner ad, but it can still be somewhat annoying if you’re the type of person who absolutely hates ads. To get rid of the ads, all you need to do is buy some Skype Credit or pay for Skype Premium. This way Skype can ensure that it makes money off any that uses the platform, and not just those who need or want to pay for added services.

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