Archos G9 tablets begin launch September 30 at multiple price points

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Archos 80 G9

When we first heard about Archos’ new line of Honeycomb tablets, we were pleased by their low prices and optional 3G USB stick option. Archos is releasing these tablets at a time where consumers have made it abundantly clear that they are far less likely to spend $500+ dollars on a tablet no matter what its specs are. On September 30, the 8-inch Archos 80 G9 (8GB) tablet will be available through 20,000 stores around the world for $299.99. Pre-orders will start being accepted on September 20.

The cheapest Archos G9 model has a 1Ghz dual-core OMAP 4 Texas Instruments processor and runs Android 3.2. It also have a front camera capable of recording video footage in 720p HD and an HDMI output.

The other range of Archos G9 tablets will be available in October. This includes a more powerful 8-inch model and the 10.1-inch Archos tablets.

The 8-inch Archos G9 Turbo swaps out the 1Ghz processor for a 1.5Ghz processor. It also comes with either 16GB of storage for $329 or 250GB of storage for $369. The 10.1 model has the same 1.5Ghz processor, but will cost $399 (16GB) and $469 (250GB).

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