Banned iPod app finds new home on Android

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PhoneStory A game the developers call educational but that Apple’s App Store considered controversial enough to ban has found a new home on Android. “Phone Story” is a game that takes place at an foreign electronics plant. The player supervises workers whose job it is to put together smartphones in sweatshop like conditions. Child labor is depicted and a mini-game called “Suicides” is included. In it you have to stop as many workers as possible from killing themselves. So many iPhone users reported it that Apple investigated and banned it. The reasons given were that it was crude, depicted child abuse, and was meant to raise funds for charitable causes. Obviously they must have also been upset at the fact the game depicts the very real issues at their Foxconn plant in China

This didn’t deter the developers. They wore their ban with pride and simply moved the game to the Android platform, where it has been selling briskly for $1. (It’s also still available for jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches) The developers, who appear to be from Italy, say they only want to raise awareness of the human and ecological abuses that come with smartphone manufacturers and raise funds for organizations dedicated to improving those conditions. Will you buy the app? Why or why not?

Via [Indiana Statesman]

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