Shields Up! Facebook has a file on you!

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Spying Facebook knows more about you than you think. Thanks to European privacy laws, it’s been discovered that the net’s #1 social networking site keeps a huge file of info on each of its users. If you’re in Europe, you can request a copy of it and by law they have to comply. Here in the U.S. though, we’re out of luck. Facebook refuses all requests.They aren’t legally bound to here and they aren’t going to do it out of of the goodness of their hearts. Wondering what they’ve got on you? Here’s a list:

  • Every private message you’ve ever sent, in its entirety, even if you deleted it. Same goes for every status update, wall post, comment, photo,link and video too.
  • A log of every chat you’ve ever had with anyone on the site.
  • A log of every time you logged in and where you were when you did.
  • Every Facebook event you were ever invited to and how you responded.
  • Everyone you ever poked.
  • Every friend request you have ever received or sent, and how you responded to the ones you got.
  • Every app you’ve ever installed.

And of course, your name, address, and all the info you have on your profile. What if anything, they do with it isn’t known. Here in the U.S., Facebook could be compelled to turn over that information if they got a court order. That could be quite the problem for some folks involved in things such as messy divorces or lawsuits. There isn’t much we can do about it except be careful what we post. My rule is that if I would be mortified to se see it on the front page of the New York Times I won’t post it on Facebook.

Via [PCWorld]

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