It’s official! Facebook users believe everything

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Facebook Facebook users believe everything they see in their newsfeeds-at least that’s what it seems like these days. After the site rolled out a new layout, newsfeeds were flooded with outraged statuses claiming Facebook was planning to start charging soon. Some statuses even mentioned that the new “pay grid” had been leaked and that there were Gold and Silver levels. All of it was completely fake of course. The rumor started well over a year ago and it wasn’t true then either. The rumor became so rampant that at one point Facebook themselves posted that it was untrue.

If Facebook were Twitter “Do me a favor” would have been at the top of the Trends list last week. Somehow a rumor started that having your friends go to your page, clicking subscribe and unchecking likes and several other things will keep the comments you post on pages you like and on the walls and posts of people the people on your friends list aren’t friends with private. This is also untrue, and actually nothing has changed regarding that. Users have always been able to see the pages their friends like, the comments they made on them, and to an extent, what they post on other people’s walls. What determines just how much is your privacy settings. If your friend posts on the wall of someone who isn’t your friend, you can see it if that person has their profile set to “friends of friends”. In other words, if Jane posts on John’s wall, and you are friends with Jane but not John, you can still see John’s wall because he has his privacy set to “friends of friends”. So if Jane were to ask you to do her a favor…well it wouldn’t work because of John’s privacy settings. If Jane doesn’t want her comments on John’s wall to be seen by people who aren’t on her friends list, only John can do anything about it. Get it?

Oh and remember, you can’t see who is viewing your profile, no matter what app says otherwise!

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