Samsung launches Premium Apps Store for the UK market

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Samsung Apps

If you’re a Samsung smartphone user, you’re probably aware that aside from the Android Market, Samsung also has the Samsung Apps. Samsung’s app store contains selected Android apps which you can actually also find from the Android Market. Samsung Apps app store contains few free and premium apps, and honestly, I don’t think Samsung smartphone users are actually getting their apps from there. This is probably the reason why Samsung decided to come up with a new section on the Samsung Apps app store containing premium apps and games. The premium apps section will be rolled out in the U.K. market first. Not sure whether Samsung has plans of carrying this one also to the U.S. market and other countries. Right now, Samsung has made several premium apps up for grabs. These include Zenonia, The SIMS 3, Need for Speed Shift HD and 9mm. The Samsung Premium Apps Store currently accepts payment through credit card billing. Samsung said that this will be modified later to accept payment through customer phone bills or deduction from SIM card balances. So for Android smartphone users, are you going to get your premium apps from the Samsung Premium Apps store or you’re already satified with getting it from the Android Market?

Via [EuroDroid]

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