Kensington launches the Bungee Air wireless tether and case for your iPhone

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Kensington BungeeAir wireless tether and case for iPhone

Kensington has just launched what it calls as a new approach to mobile security by way of the Bungee Air, a wireless tether and case for iPhone. With these products, Kensington is fusing hardware and software together to help avoid the risk of losing your iPhone and its priceless contents. The BungeeAir consists of the Power Wireless Security Tether and Battery for iPhone and the Protect Wireless Security for iPhone. The BungeeAir Power Wireless Security and Tether is a 3-in-1 accessory consisting of a wireless tether, case and battery. The battery case holds your iPhone while the BungeeAir Fob is used to attaching the accessory to your keys of purse to ensure that you’ll never lose your iPhone again. If in case you accidentally lose your iPhone, the battery case will send a command to instantly password lock your phone screen and then sends an alert to the BungeeAir Fob to tell you that you iPhone is no longer with you. The package also comes with an app that you can customize to further enhance your iPhone’s security. This accessory retails for $99.99. The Kensington BungeeAir Protect Wireless Security Tether for iPhone which retails for $79.99 consists of just the BungeeAir Fob and an adapter which you connect to your iPhone’s 30-pin connector. This enables two-way communication between the BungeeAir fob allowing the fob to send a command to the adapter to secure your iPhone if you lose it. Both Kensington BungeeAir Power Wireless Security Tether and Battery for iPhone and Protect Wireless Security for iPhone are available from Amazon. com now and from Kensington outlets sometime this October.

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