Netflix removes saved titles from the Instant Queue

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Netflix has made another change to its service that isn’t going over well with subscribers. Content that is no longer available for streaming has been removed from the Instant Queue. Netflix didn’t make any announcement to prepare subscribers for this change. Once so many people started asking Netflix what was going on, Netflix responded with a blog post that explains why it did this.

Netflix said customers were finding it confusing to navigate between titles that could and couldn’t be watched instantly in their Queue. In response to this, Netflix took those titles out of the Queue until it knows when they’ll be available again. Once Netflix knows when those titles are coming back, they will be placed back into the Instant Queue when ready.

The problem with this is that some subscribers have so many titles in their Instant Queue, they can’t keep track of what they all are. They now have no way of determining what those titles were. Some would argue this prevents customers from getting those titles from another source. Others say Netflix is trying to conceal the number of titles they are losing licensing rights to.

Via [Netflix Blog]

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