AT&T supposedly asking carriers to purchase T-Mobile assets

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AT&T will likely not be able to acquire T-Mobile USA as it is now. The U.S. Department of Justice already believes AT&T will be too large if it acquires T-Mobile, and those fears have been voiced by everyone who opposes the deal. AT&T is reportedly prepared to give up around 25 percent of T-Mobile if that’s what it takes to push the merger through. Today, sources speaking to Bloomberg are saying AT&T is already looking for buyers for T-Mobile’s assets.

AT&T has supposedly talked to companies such as Leap Wireless (owners of Cricket), MetroPCS, Dish Network and CenturyLink. AT&T has also approached Sprint, who has been the most vocal carrier against the merger from day one. Sprint has also joined the Department of Justice in an antitrust lawsuit against AT&T.

These claims have been made during the week in which AT&T, Deutsche Telekom and the U.S. Department of Justice are scheduled to meet to discuss the merger in detail.

Via [Bloomberg]

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