JP Morgan estimates Apple will release two new iPhones

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It just wouldn’t be a normal day without another iPhone rumor. This latest taste of things to (maybe) come is courtesy of JP Morgan employee Mark Moskowitz. According to Barron’s, Moskowitz and JP Morgan’s “research” have led him to believe two new iPhones will be launched. One of them will be the iPhone 5 and the other will be an updated iPhone 4 called the iPhone 4 Plus.

JP Morgan’s note does not mention too much about the hardware of either device, but there are some details that are quite useful. The iPhone 4 will supposedly be a world phone with GSM and CDMA radios. This goes along with not only the recent Sprint iPhone rumors, but it also what a Jefferies analyst had to say back in May. Unfortunately, Moskowitz says the iPhone 5 won’t carry support for any 4G LTE network. As for cosmetic changes, there really are no real surprises. Like all Apple devices, the iPhone 5 will be thinner and lighter.

Apple may also release the iPhone 4 Plus, which has been referred to as the iPhone 4S in the past. Much like the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4 Plus will have some enhancements, but will be offered for a lower price than the iPhone 5.

Via [Barron’s]

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