Sprint offers up Android 2.3.7 for the Nexus S smartphone, brings support for Google Wallet

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We saw Google make the official announcement for Wallet, which came after a bit of last minute teasing. But that aside, the Google Wallet service has launched with support on just one phone for now. That handset is the Sprint branded Nexus S and those with that phone who are looking to try out Wallet, well, you will need to get the latest software update first. Yup, it looks like Samsung and Sprint have begun rolling out Android 2.3.7 (GWK74) which brings support for Google Wallet along with some “Google Security Fixes.” In terms of getting the update, that was noted as coming over-the-air, which means it looks like those with a Nexus S will have to wait for the update notification to arrive before they can move forward.

Via [Samsung]

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