Sling offers sneak peak video, SlingPlayer app for Honeycomb running tablets

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Sling offers sneak peak video, SlingPlayer app for Honeycomb running tablets While those interested have been able to find a SlingPlayer Mobile app in the Android Market, it looks like the folks from Sling Media have another Android app in the works — one for Honeycomb running tablets. And while we are unsure as to when exactly it will be released for anyone to use — we do have this sneak peak video offering a first look. Of course, those who are familiar with Sling will most likely have a good understanding of how the app works. That being said, the Honeycomb app was demonstrated on the Motorola Xoom tablet and some of the features that were highlighted included the ability to adjust the aspect ratio and the ability to zoom in and zoom out to full screen mode. The video also showed the remote control, which comes up as an exact replica of your home television remote, the program guide, which again is just like the guide that you see and use while at home. And lastly, as with any other SlingPlayer Mobile app — you can access any regular channels as well as content stored on the DVR. In short, Sling allows you to access you home television as if you were sitting in front of your television, but allows you to do it from a number of devices using any internet connection. With that, the Honeycomb app will set you back $29.99 once it comes available and Sling is currently accepting your email address in exchange for notification once the app comes available.

Via [Sling] and [Engadget]

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