New wireless carrier promises to personalize the mobile experience

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Personalized Wireless

Have you ever heard of Personalized Wireless? You wouldn’t be alone. This new United States carrier has been showing a teaser commercial on television that promises a reveal on September 26. Personalized Wireless also has a website that simply has a countdown clock to that date along with a tag line that reads,”A wireless network that will personalize your mobile experience.”

There’s not too much information we can go off of to determine what Personalized Wireless is all about, where it will be located and who owns it. However, the commercial that was captured and sent to PhoneArena shows a logo that seems to highlight the letter “C”. Like so many other speculators have said, this could refer to Comcast, but that’s purely an assumption.

The commercial describes Personalized Wireless as a network that quietly pushes apps and rewards to you based on your preferences. The network will somehow adapt to your tastes.

There’s a chance Personalized Wireless will use existing spectrum from other carriers. It may only be a regional network. Still, we’re intrigued by what the network is promising to do.

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