Instagram updated to version 2.0, four new filters added and more

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Instagram updated to version 2.0

After quite some time, the Instagram iOS app has been finally updated to version 2.0. The update brings new functionality and features to the photo-sharing app that both loyal users and first-timers will surely love. First among the new features is the addition of four, new filters namely – Amaro, Rise, Valencia, and Hudson. The other new features of Instagram have to do with improving the app’s camera UI. One of these improvements is by way of the live filters and instant tilt-shift. This enables you to preview the effect of the photo filters before you take the photo so that you can immediately your photo as soon as you’ve tap on the camera shutter button. The same was made to the tilt-shift effect. Instagram 2.0 has also increased photo size from 612×612 to 1936×1936 for the iPhone 4 and 1536×1536 for the iPhone 3G. This will surely be appreciated by photo enthusiasts who have been clamoring for bigger pics. Other new features of Instagram include – optional borders, one-click rotation of photos within the camera and a new icon for the Instagram app. Loving the new features of Instagram, so far?

Via [Instagram Blog]

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