Logitech Harmony Link introduced, turns your iPad into a remote control

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Logitech Harmony Link

Logitech has just launched its latest product – the Logitech Harmony Link. This device which comes with an accompanying iPad (with support for iPhone and iPod Touch) app, has one purpose for its existence – to turn your iPad into a remote control for your home entertainment appliances. Working in tandem with the Logitech Harmony iPad App, the Harmony device communicate with your TV via Wi-Fi. The idea here is that right after you’ve installed the app on your iPad and set it up to communicate with the device, you can now browse personalized schedule of your favorite TV shows, channels and genres. Using your iPad, you can tune in to a particular show and watch leisurely as your iPad sits right beside you waiting for your next command. Well, that’s basically the idea. Additionally, aside from being a personalized program guide for your TV viewing habits, the Logitech Harmony Link also serves as a universal remote control for your other entertainment devices at home. You can use your iPad to to control your devices whether you want to “Watch a movie” or “Listen to Music.” You don’t have to change your devices’ settings, the Harmony Link an your iPad will do the tasks for you. The Logitech Harmony Link device will be available in the U.S. sometime in October for $99.99. Likewise, the iOS and Android apps will also be released in their respective app stores on the same month.

Via [Logitech Harmony Link] and [Logitech]

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