NewsMix Facebook app turns your “Likes” into a digital magazine

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Yesterday, Facebook changed the way it handles its News Feed. Instead of two streams, Facebook groups all posts into a single stream. Facebook also determines which posts it believes will be most interesting to you. Since every single thing is now regulated to one stream, things can get a bit crowded. That’s why Sobees has launched its NewsMix application on Facebook. NewsMix helps to separate pages you “Like” into a place where you can access them easily.

The idea behind NewsMix is simple. Whenever you “Like” a page on Facebook, you subscribe to the posts that page makes. Those posts are included in the News Feed by default. However, those posts have to compete with friend updates of all kinds. It can be difficult to track down new information about pages you “Like” using the traditional NewsFeed. NewsMix combs through your “Likes” and places all the posts into a “digital newsstand.”

NewsMix posts are separated into two columns in chronological order. You can also choose to look at posts from a single “Liked” page if you’d like.

NewsMix also lets you view the NewsMix page of all your friends even if they don’t use NewsMix. Accessing their NewsMix doesn’t automatically prompt them to use the app either.

It could benefit from more space, but Facebook occupies a portion of the page with ads and the real-time news ticker. NewsMix is worth checking out if you want to closely follow your “Likes.”

Via [Sobees] Read [VentureBeat]

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