Google Chrome extension kills Facebook news ticker

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Facebook News Ticker Remover

It didn’t take a psychic to figure out Facebook users would dislike the changes it has made to its News Feed. From my personal experience, friends from my feed starting posting within minutes of each other complaining about how Facebook keeps changing its interface. My Facebook friends (and perhaps yourselves) may be happy to know there is a way to get rid of the real-time news ticker that constantly informs you of the slightest things your friends do on Facebook. You’ll have to download a new Google Chrome extension called Facebook News Ticker Remover.

Naturally, you have to use Google Chrome as your web browser for this to work.

This extension requires access to your data on Facebook which is something Google considers a “medium alert.” You shouldn’t download this or any extension if you don’t trust the person who created it.

So far, most users are saying the extension successfully removes the news ticker, but it isn’t working for everyone. Your luck may vary, but your will to stick it to Facebook has never been stronger.

Via [Chrome Web Store]

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