Pandora launches redesigned site with unlimited music

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Pandora is facing mounting competition from rival music services such as MOG and Rdio. Both of the aforementioned services either already has or will have a free subscription option to go along with its paid offerings. One of Pandora’s biggest problems are services that allow users to listen to specific songs and albums on-demand. We’ll see how that further affects Pandora in due time. For now, Pandora has refreshed itself by launching a new HTML5-based web site.

What does HTML5 mean for Pandora? Well, the site is more pleasant to look at and it’s smoother than before. Pandora also assists users in creating playlists by suggesting artists as they type.

Pandora is also working on a music feed that shares what other Pandora users are listening to. You’ll be able to tweak privacy settings as well. This feature will become available very soon.

Perhaps the best part about the new Pandora is the removal of the 40-hour per month listening cap for free users. Everyone can now listen to as much music as they want. There will still be advertisements spliced in here and there.

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