Photos can now be uploaded to Twitter via text message

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We focus so much on smartphones and their applications these days, we tend to overlook the large number of individuals out there that haven’t made the switch to constantly-connected phones. In an effort to give those users a way to take advantage of Twitter’s features, the company announced that pictures can now be posted to Twitter by way of SMS.

Sending a picture message to Twitter is as easy as sending a text to a friend. You have to insert the picture into the text message and send it to Twitter. There are dozens of numbers that communicate with Twitter depending on what country you’re in. For U.S. users, that number is 40404.

Not everyone in the U.S. can upload photos to Twitter using this method. Only AT&T, Verizon and Cellular South customers can use this feature. Twitter is actively trying to recruit more carriers.

This method may seem archaic to some of you, but Twitter says four billion text message are sent and received by the service every month.

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