Facebook will have a “Listen with your friend” music feature

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Facebook Music

It appears one Facebook employee has let the cat out of the bag a little early. Facebook is less than 24 hours away from revealing what we all expect to be called Facebook Music during its F8 developer conference. We now know of one feature that will most likely be included with Facebook Music thanks to Facebook creative director Ji Lee.

Lee tweeted about a feature called “Listen with your friend” Tuesday evening. He deleted the tweet shortly afterwards, but a split second of existence is all the internet needs to take a screenshot and eliminate the possibility of denial.

Here’s the full tweet.

“The “Listen with your friend” feature in ticker is blowing my mind. Listen to what your friends are listening. LIVE.”

Facebook just launched the real-time news ticker on Tuesday. Although some have taken it upon themselves to kill the ticker, Facebook is making it a major part of its new music feature.

Being able to listen to music at the same time as friends is intriguing. It will definitively result in more time spent on Facebook.

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