Facebook music features hinted at by Facebook employee

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While we obviously still need the official confirmation to come from Facebook, it looks like some music service integration will indeed be coming to Facebook. Though, while there was some hints dropped recently, there are probably more than a few details that we still need to learn. That being said, the hint came by way of Facebook employee Ji Lee who recently tweeted and deleted the following message;

The “Listen with your friend” feature in ticker is blowing my mind. Listen to what your friends are listening. LIVE.

Of course, as with most everything that appears online — it is impossible to remove — especially when someone quickly grabs a screenshot of the offending tweet. With that, if you are at all excited about Facebook Music, you may want to pay attention to the Facebook f8 conference which is set to kick off later today.

Via [Twitter @mitchellholder] and [TechCrunch]

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