YouTube turns boring 2D videos into 3D masterpieces

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3D YouTube

YouTube recently launched a new set of editing features that lets users stabilize, trim and add effects to their previously uploaded videos. On Wednesday, YouTube announced even more editing features for YouTube videos. One of the new features is a tool that converts 2D videos into 3D videos.

Converting 2D videos to 3D can be done with a single click. YouTube asserts 3D videos created in this way won’t look as good as videos that are natively captured in 3D. The videos also won’t be converted into glasses-free 3D videos, so you will still need 3D glasses unless you have a device with an autoscopic 3D display.

YouTube also now allows any user with a verified account in good standing to upload videos longer than 15 minutes. Video files that are over 2GB don’t require the advanced uploader anymore.

Finally, YouTube is using Magisto and Vlix to spice up user videos. Should you choose to use these services, your videos will either be automatically edited down into bite sized clips or spiced up with more effects and text.

Via [YouTube Blog]

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