Facebook Timeline: a new way to show the story of your life

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Facebook Timeline

The changes to Facebook aren’t done yet, today Mark Zuckerberg announced a new look for your profile, called Timeline. Timeline is a new way to not just show your profile, but to show your full life story.

Now, instead of just showing your photo, latest updates and maybe some other activity, Timeline will show just about everything in your life. As you see in the top image, now you get not just a profile photo, but you get a centerpiece photo to go behind it. Below that you have your basic information, and below tat there’s everything in your life. Scrolling down will show updates, friends, photos, and other such important events in your life. It’s not just those, either. Apps can also tap into the Timeline to show updates from your life.

The Timeline will try to figure out what’s important, but you can also tell it what is important. Say you have an important photo in the past, just hover over it, click the star icon, and it will take up the full size of the Timeline instead of just on side. Unimportant information is shown as simple grey dots in the middle of your Timeline. It’s a great way to show everything about your life that you want to share, making it easier to get a real feel for each of your friend’s lives. Sure, you’ll need to fill in those early years, but if you already have kid photos on Facebook, you should be able to place them in the correct year of your life.

Of course you’ll be able to tell Facebook who sees what on your Timeline. Not only for all events, but for each individual event.

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