Facebook announces changes to Open Graph, say goodbye to app pop-ups

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Among Facebook’s big announcements today are improvements to the social network’s Open Graph. The new Open Graph focuses on filling out the recently revealed Timeline and discovering new things through friends. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said Open Graph accomplishes frictionless experiences, realtime serendipity, and finds patterns in friend activity.

Zuckerberg first touched on the frictionless experience as it relates to apps. The photo you see to the right is an example that was used to describe how intrusive apps can be. In a lot of current Facebook apps, you’re prompted to share your progress and achievements with friends every time you accomplish something. With new Open Graph apps, those pop-ups will be eliminated. Users will be able to know exactly what an app will post to their Timeline and what it will look like once it’s posted.

When it does post, it will go to the news ticker and your Timeline, but it won’t clog the News Feed. That’s the realtime serendipity aspect of the new Open Graph.

Open Graph will also pick out patterns of friend activity and display those results for you. For example, if a few of your friends are watching the same show in Hulu. you’ll see that pattern. If you hover over the post, you’ll be able to visit Hulu and immediately watch the same show.

Other companies with Open Graph apps include Netflix, Spotify, IMBD and Rdio.

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