Here’s how to sign up to get Facebook Timeline

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Facebook New Profile, Timeline

Today Facebook announced the new version of the Facebook profile: the Timeline. If you’ve logged into Facebook since the announcement you’ll know it isn’t available to everyone just yet. There is a way to sign up to get it early, though.

The easiest way to get Timeline before it’s rolled out over the next few weeks is to be a Facebook developer, but there’s a method that’s even easier, but much less sure. All you need to do is go to and click “Sign Me Up.” That will put you into the line for the beta for Timeline, and give you an interactive model of the new profile. You might not get it right away, but you will eventually. You may even get it withint the next few days, or whenever the beta will begin rolling out. Either way, it’s better than waiting for Facebook to get around to it eventually.

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  • Pete

    One of my favorite things about Google+ is that if got Facebook off of their lazy butts.

  • http://yahoo paula white

    now many time do I do this