Facebook users hate Timeline already

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Facebook Timeline

Earlier today during Facebook’s f8 developers conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced a major change for Facebook user profiles. Over the next few weeks, Facebook will roll out timeline to everyone. Timeline was created to solve what Facebook considered a major problem with shared content as it aged. The problem is that everything except for fairly recent posts get buried on everyone’s Facebook profile. Facebook wanted to come up with a way to make all the information that was shared over the years easily accessible. It’s an interesting concept, but a lot of Facebook users are crying foul.

The comments section under the Facebook Blog post about Timeline has over a 1,300 comments at the time of this writing. The majority of users aren’t liking the new changes. They want to know why Facebook is altering the way it presents information yet again. All they really seem to want is the “old” Facebook back. It’s unclear what version of the old Facebook these users are referring to. It could very well be an old version of Facebook they probably also hated when it was revealed.

At this point, it’s a certainty that Facebook users will never accept change. I do find it very interesting that so many people are quick to attack Facebook, but are also just as quick to jump to its defense when threatened.

At the end of the day, regardless of the complaints, the majority of complainers won’t leave Facebook.

Via [Facebook Blog]

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  • Marc Steel

    "It could very well be an old version of Facebook they probably also hated when it was revealed."


  • Rachel

    Facebook is becoming a stalker's paradise. If your contacts are truly your friends, they don't need to see a timeline about you. Just nosy people will be interested in such a thing. It is an invasion of privacy. As is the live update on the right side of the screen. I don't care about every comment or action my friends make on FB and I don't think they would care about what I do on FB either. I hate that Facebook now forces me to scroll through the "top stories"! How dare Facebook presume to know what is "top" to me!!!!! And, I didn't like that that I had to always switch to recent news, but I got used to that, but now it is a forced issue. As for people leaving FB, well, now they have an option Google +, so we shall see what happens. I already know a few people who have set up accounts on G+ and will be switching.

  • cb2000a

    I will be opening a G+ account…

  • BGC

    I have left Timeline. This bait and switch is disgusting. I don't like ADHD format. Goodbye. I am not interested.