Spotify announces Facebook integration

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Spotify Facebook integration

At f8, as part of the Open Graph announcement Mark Zuckerberg brought Spotify CEO Daniel Ek on stage to talk about the music service’s integration into Facebook. Starting today you’ll be able to listen to music with your friends using Spotify through Facebook.

You’ll start seeing what your friends are listening to with Spotify today when you log into Facebook. The songs they’re listening to will show up in the stream, and in the new ticker. You can then just press play and listen along with your friends. You’ll also be able to use the new Music Dashboard which will show up soon on the left sidebar. That will let you see what songs are trending with your friends or what songs they recommend. You’ll obviously also be able to recommend your own favorite songs to your friends using the dashboard.

It sounds like with the Spotify partnership Facebook finally found a better way to have a social music experience. This is what Ping could have been, if Apple could offer free ad-based music streams in addition to music purchasing.

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