Facebook may have reset your privacy settings

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Facebook privacy settings

It’s starting to seem like Facebook wants to keep up controversy. A lot of users were already upset about how the news ticker keeps everyone informed on what they’re doing at all times on Facebook. It has now come to our attention that there is a chance that your privacy settings may have been reset. It has happened on my account, my friend’s accounts and it has probably happened to you too.

Facebook naturally didn’t tell the public it was going to do this. If you haven’t checked already, there’s a good chance all your information may have been available for everyone to see. In order to check your privacy settings, perform the following steps:

  • Click on the upside down triangle to the right of the “Home” button on Facebook.
  • Click on “Edit Settings” for the category labeled “How You Connect.”
  • Make sure all the options aren’t set to “Everyone” unless you want it to be that way

You may also want to make sure the tagging options are also set in the way you want them to be.

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